Automobile owners these days face a lot of issues with regard to system glitches due to power windows—the most common one being the window getting stuck.

Many people believe that they will have to reach out to professional auto repair services for repairs for this problem, but this is a common misconception. You can easily fix it yourself, by following the tips given below.

Tips for Car Window Go Up Issue

Window Gasket Needs Fixing

Your window is probably stuck because the window gasket isn’t as robust as it used to be. Dirt and debris build-up can damage the quality of the window gasket, preventing the glass from sliding smoothly. Grab some acetone and start cleaning it. Then, move the window up and down to see if it works.

Check the Fuse

There is a big chance that the fuse that powers the windows is blown out. Locate the fuse box and open it. Check the user’s manual if you still can’t find one. Take the broken fuse out and replace it with a new one. You must replace it with one of the same amperage. Seek professional help from auto car repairs services such as ours for this purpose.

Replace the Faulty Switch

One possible reason for the window not going up could be a faulty switch. Take the switch out from the switchboard. Check to see if the connectors are providing the required 12 volts to the switch. Use a multi-meter for this purpose. Replace it with the new switch and plug it in the connectors.

Install a New Window Motor

Take out the window door panel for this purpose. You’ll have to remove the entire internal door covering by removing screws from the panel. Check to see if the motor is receiving the right value. If it isn’t, then it’s time for a new one. Replace the regulator if the motor is running correctly but the window still seems to be stuck.

If you still struggle with not being able to fix your car window issue, then you should seek professional help from an auto repair service such as Crystal Glass. We are a winning choice for people living in Edmonton, AB, because of our affordable and reliable auto repair services. Call us right away or book an appointment; our courteous staff is at your service 24/7.


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