Imagine conducting a regular check on your car and suddenly finding a crack that wasn’t there before. You’re puzzled. You don’t remember colliding into anything, so where did this crack suddenly come from?

More importantly, does this crack mean you now need to spend a hefty amount on getting an entirely new windshield installed or would a simple repair job do the trick?

Not always does a windshield crack require you to change the entire windshield. Here are a few instances where a simple repair job could be enough to prevent big problems in the future:

If the Crack is not too big

While major accidents cause windshield damage that almost always are big enough to warrant a replacement, small cracks can emerge from small accidents or even from exposure to cold. If you had to replace your windshield every time it cracked in the extreme temperatures of Canada, you’d be replacing your windshields yearlong!

Professional glass repair companies can easily fix small chips and cracks in windshields. They do this by using a transparent epoxy to cover up the cracks and preventing them from spreading any further. If your crack is smaller than 8 inches, it can easily be replaced and does not warrant a windshield replacement.

 If the Crack is not too deep

Hairline cracks are very easily fixed by professionals. Cracks that just lie on the surface of the crack and do not permeate into it are hairline cracks. Most automobile glasses are made to withstand driving conditions and so a thin layer of plastic is inserted between the two panes of glass to give it extra strength.

When the crack breaks through the first layer and reaches the plastic, your windshield crack can no longer be repaired and needs to be replaced altogether.

Where the crack has occurred

Cracks along the edges of the windshield are more dangerous than those that occur in the middle. This is because these can affect the whole structural integrity of your windshield and can even cause it to become unhinged from its frame. Regardless of whether your crack is a surface crack or a deep crack, a crack along the edges will spread to the inside because of the constant vibrations your vehicle subjects it to.

Hire a Professional Windshield Repair company today

Whether the crack in your car is big or small, it is always advisable to get it inspected by a professional prior to getting the windshield replaced to see if there’s any chance of a repair.

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