Say you were driving in heavy rain, when all of a sudden you feel water fall on you. You see the side of the windshield leaking and ask yourself: is this supposed to happen? Is this a factory issue?

Well, guess what? You’re not the only one facing this problem. Edge cracks are common, and are known to allow water ingress. Sometimes, discoloration, mold, and mildew also indicate a leak.

Why Should It Be Fixed Right Away?

A leaky windshield can cause everything from internal damage to electric shocks. Apart from electrical issues, a leaky windshield might also lead to the rusting of pin connectors and power windows, while also causing fog build-up due to humidity in the car.

All of these issues can result in major car accidents. A leaky windshield is a sign of a weak windshield too, which means it needs to get repaired fast. Reach out to us for any auto glass repair needs.

Why Does the Windshield Leak?

A sufficient amount of urethane is required to properly fix the windshield in place. This urethane loosens with time. Old cars or poorly maintained cars often experience leaks for this reason.

Another reason could be care oil from a repair person’s hands causes the urethane to become loose.

Yet another reason is the failure of the vehicle’s water-tight seals. Sometimes, water can also enter through broken AC vents.

Take the Shower Test

This test will help you determine the root cause of water getting into your car. Close all the doors and windows. Then, with the help of a garden hose, blast the car with low water pressure from outside. If there is any leak in your car, water droplets will begin to pool in that area. Make a note and contact a local auto glass repair provider.

You can trust us with windshield leaks. The best part? All the work we do is done at affordable rates. Contact our customer service representative or book an appointment today through our online website.


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