As used to it as we are, most Canadians know how intense winter can be here. As a result, a quality fireplace is a non-negotiable fixture.

But while you’re ruminating in front of it, how about making your fireplace look a little more interesting with glass doors? Here’s why we recommend them:


On an icy evening, sitting by the fireplace and watching an eerily hot and sparkling fire is beyond comforting. However, once the fire goes out, you feel a sense of dread.

In the aftermath, you see a messy cloud of smoke, ash, cinders, and half-burnt wooden logs. This doesn’t make for an attractive living room.

If you’re expecting guests in the afternoon, you don’t want them to see this mess. Also, it’s more than annoying when you have to clean up the carpets every now and then.

The best way to address the issue is to cover the fireplace with glass. This will not only give the fireplace a sophisticated finish, but will also keep all the ash and dust from escaping into your living room.

It’ll make the place look cleaner and well-maintained by keeping wood-burning elements at bay.


A continuously burning fireplace will heat up the room way too much. Even after you put the fire out, the smoke continues to draw up the chimney and heat the house.

When the chimney gets saturated with hot gas, the gas rises and leads to the creation of a draft due to pressure differences.

Once this happens, you need a safe way to get rid of all the waste simultaneously to prevent smoke accumulation in the room. One way of doing so is to have a set of tightly-fitted fireplace doors. With the glass in place, you won’t even have to leave the comfort of your bed.

Energy efficiency

There is not much of a difference between an open fireplace and an open window. Turning on the central heating system while keeping the windows open will lower the efficiency of the system. The same is true with an open fireplace.

When it’s open, warm air escapes up the chimney. In summer, the opposite happens, and air conditioned air escapes through the chimney. On the other hand, a fireplace glass prevents the passage of air both ways and helps you save up on extra fuel costs.

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