You might opt for window glazing because it is known to help make your home more energy-efficient. However, while this is partly correct, window glazing offers many other benefits. Air leaks in windows are generally one of the common causes of heat loss; window glazing helps eliminate air leaks and maintain indoor temperature.

Here are four reasons why glazing your window is the right decision:

It is Eco-Friendly

Who doesn’t care for a reduced power bill during winters? Glazed windows can help keep your power bills from skyrocketing during winter. Air leaks make up 25-30% of the total heat loss at your home. Glazed windows will not let the warmth escape through the windows, so you do not need to keep your heaters turned on constantly. It also helps reduce carbon emissions as you can cut down on your power consumption.

Controls Condensation


Condensation is the water droplets that you see on cold surfaces. In winters, these turn into frost. Therefore, your room feels colder, increasing the need to turn on heaters and subsequently raises your bill. Double glazed windows help reduce the probability of condensation as it traps heat in between the two glass panes. The inside glass sheet remains close to room temperature, minimizing condensation.

Noise Reduction:

How frequently do you end up being upset and disturbed by those late evening gatherings of your neighbor? Getting your windows double glazed keeps the outdoor noise at bay. Thicker glass can ensure complete reduction of any noise if you live close to an airport or train station. If you’re a light sleeper, getting your windows glazed is the perfect way to ensure peaceful sleep.

Works Well in Summers And Winters:

Its distinctive insulation properties help keep the house cooler during summers and cozy in winters by restricting the wind current between the two sheets of glazed windows. Window glazing also limits dependence on artificial devices used to keep your rooms cooler or warmer. Studies show that it minimizes the need for air conditioners by more than 40% in hot climates.

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