The most exposed part of a home to damage is windows and glass doors. They’re the most susceptible to damage by accidents (such as a baseball hitting the window), vandalism and extreme weather conditions.

Furthermore, with time windows and glass doors, it can also deteriorate, affecting the physical appearance of your house, making it difficult to maintain the house, and sometimes putting your security at risk. Therefore, it’s crucial to learn how to protect the windows and glass doors in your home from wear and tear and other types of damage. We’ll help break that down for you.

How to Protect Windows from Damage.

  • Clean Them

Glass surfaces inside the home must be cleaned thoroughly and regularly for their long-term maintenance. It’s essential not to have any dirt, dust, stains, or mold build up on the windows. If windows are not cleaned consistently, over time, the windows will begin to degrade.

Use home glass cleaners for this, to remove any build-up from your windows. Not only will cleaning your windows improve its longevity, but it’ll also keep them looking aesthetically pleasing.

  • Cover Them Up

When you’re having work done in your house, it’d best if windows and glass doors were covered. For instance, if you have your house painted, covering up your windows would shield them from stains. Although it would not be irrational to think that a few paint marks would not make much of a difference; if they’re left alone, they’ll be difficult to remove.

  • Use Plywood

During a storm, like a hurricane or a snowstorm, take precautions to protect your windows. One of the most useful ways of doing this is plywood. If there’s a storm approaching your area, one of the most effective techniques to protect your windows, and in turn, is to board up your windows with plywood. Plywood shutters are implemented in all kinds of residences and are a highly effective defense for damages to windows by the impact.

How to Get Windows Repaired?

Of course, even with your best efforts, windows can be damaged, cracked, or deteriorated. Some can be repaired; others need to be replaced.  For example, if an object has caused damage to your home (such as a baseball), it’s recommended that you remove any pieces of broken glass in your home and then get in touch with a professional to replace the window.

If the windows are only slightly damaged due to a small crack or stress placed on the window, it’s possible to use tape to keep the glass intact. Furthermore, glass adhesives, like ones used on cars, are also an option available. However, in most cases, these are temporary fixes, and a long-term solution is to replace the window.

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