If you want the perfect balance of light, warmth, and ventilation in your house, you need to invest in the right kind of windows.

When buying windows for a house, energy efficiency, aesthetics, and what’s trending are just a few considerations that you should have in mind!

Here are a few recommendations for 2020:

Black Window Frames

Black window frames are a top choice for those who like contrast. If the rest of the colour scheme is light, black-framed windows will stand out and add a bit of drama to the home.

To get a dramatic contrast, make sure you’ve paired black window frames with a neutral colour palette in the background and have opted for clear, non-tinted glass. You also need to ensure that the rest of the wall has no black photo frames or wall hangings.

Black windows also look best when they’re uncovered. Colourful blinds and curtains may not work too well with them.

Special-shaped windows

Compared to wood, glass is easy to get custom-designed and tailor-made. This is because it’s easy to cut and shape.

Instead of plain rectangular designs, homeowners are now opting for shapes such as the cathedral, hexagon, octagon, half-crescent, trapezoid, and circle-top.

Such options add to the aesthetic value of your home and make it look different than other houses on the street. It acts as a focal point, enhancing both the exterior view and the curb appeal of the home.

The skylight

If you want to really depart from conventional design, go for a skylight—also known as a roof window. These are a great option if the room doesn’t have much wall space to accommodate windows. These windows are fixed and don’t really open up. However, you can get a remote to control the vents.

They also ensure a generous supply of natural light into attics and second-story spaces. Since skylights provide constant exposure to the sun, they keep your space warm in the winter. If your house is trapped between sloppy rooflines on the second-floor, these windows make the space friendlier and brighter.

However, cutting through the roof of the house and installing one is no DIY task. You’ll have to get in touch with a professional residential glass installation service to help you out.

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