Has your windshield suffered a seemingly minor crack? What looks like a harmless crack could quickly grow in no time. In our expert opinion, we’d strongly suggest that you take care of the crack as soon as possible. Because once a crack starts to spread, there’s no stopping it!

Don’t know how to fix the crack? That’s okay because we’ve got you covered. Here are some simple and affordable methods you can use to curtail the problem:

Basic Steps You Need to Take

The first thing you need to do is stop the stressors from worsening the problem. We’re talking about things like water, dirt and debris. The crack would become larger, and possibly start spreading if these things were allowed to enter it. A simple technique is to use clear tape to cover the crack but of course, the tape won’t stay under severe weather conditions or perhaps, a carwash.

A Windshield Repair Kit

If you’re up for repairing the crack on your own, you’ll first need to head to a local auto-repair shop and get yourself a windshield repair kit. There are various kinds of them, but usually, all of them come with an adaptor and a specialized resin.  Force the resin into the crack so that it seals it from the outside, thus protecting it from any external factors like dust and debris. The reduced stressors will keep the crack from spreading any further.

Using Super Glue to Hold Glass in Place

Whether you can use this technique or not depends on the severity of the damage on your windshield. If the crack is tiny, you can hold it in place with super glue. Also known as cyanoacrylate glue, you can simply force it into the crack and then spread it evenly. The glue will help keep both the sides of the glass together once it dries up—a simple way of keeping the damage from spreading.

Temporary Fix Using Nail Polish

Well, who knew a clear acrylic nail polish could help with a crack in the windshield! As before, you must first clean all the dust and debris from the scratch, and then apply the nail polish inside and outside the crack. The nail polish will hold the glass together, buying you enough time to schedule a meeting with a professional.    

Seek Expert Advice

Whatever measures you take, they’re probably only going to serve as a temporary fix for the problem. We recommend you seek advice from our experts at Crystal Glass in Sherwood Park. We provide affordable windshield repair and replacement, making sure your car is always in a spectacular condition. Book your appointment today!

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