Close up of severe rock chip on a windshield glass

Thousands of Canadians file windshield repair and replacement claims every year. And the most common cause of the windshield damage is rock chips.

This blog will comprehensively discuss the meaning, causes, and prevention of windshield rock chips. Continue reading to stay informed and vigilant about your windshield protection.

What is a Windshield Rock Chip, and How Does it Happen?

Have you ever been driving down the road when a flying rock suddenly hits your auto windshield and leaves a crack? That crack is known as a rock chip. The stones that cause cracks in your windshield are usually tiny and lead to repairable damage, but if left untreated, the cracks can spread.

What Makes Windshield Rock Chips Dangerous?

Rock chips are undoubtedly frustrating, but even more dangerous for your safety. If you allow the rock chip to turn into a full-fledged crack, it gets too late to repair and harmful.

Here are three primary hazards of leaving a windshield rock chip untreated:

  • It can lead to road accidents by adversely affecting the structural integrity of your vehicle.
  • A cracked windshield can cause the roof to cave in during an accident, increasing severe injury or fatality.
  • Glass cracks reflect light and lead to distraction to the human eye. Even worse, you can get a ticket for driving with a damaged windshield.

How To Prevent Or Treat A Crack in the Windshield?

Although rock chips are repairable and treatable, why obtain the damage in the first place? Read on to know four useful tips from our experts to prevent windshield rock chips:

  1. Drive Carefully

Prevention is the best cure. Being vigilant while driving helps a lot in preventing rock chips. Be mindful of the reasons that lead to rock chips, including inclement weather, road debris, and airborne rocks.

Moreover, avoid tailgating, steering your vehicle close to a truck pulling gravel off the road, or driving during foggy and windy weather.

A car passing dangerously close to a truck loaded with logs

  1. Act Fast

Rock chips demand fast treatment. If you encounter a severe crack in your auto windshield, it’s best to get it inspected by a professional. Early consultation helps you treat the rock chip more effectively and ensures your vehicle’s operational safety.

  1. Keep the Chip Dry

Do you know cracks in the windshield can spread out if not taken care of? Dirt, debris, or moisture can further damage the windshield rock chip. Moreover, excessive sun exposure is also harmful to cracked windshields because it expands the glass that leads to further abrasion.

Seek Professional Help

Crystal Glass in Edmonton has more experience than many competitors in the windshield repair industry and can give your windshield the best possible treatment. Get our experts to assess your windshield condition and give it the rock chip fix as needed. Call us for more details.

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