Did you know?

One of our most popular and common procedures at Crystal Glass is windshield installation. Although in many instances, customers can opt for windshield repairs if the damage is minimal, there are situations where the windshield is in such poor condition it needs to be replaced entirely. This is where one of our technicians will recommend windshield replacement.

Windshield installation is a time intensive and multi step process. Technicians are required to work with chemicals such as urethane primers and adhesives. They also must lift and handle large panels of glass.

Our technicians take great care in making sure windshield installations are done correctly. An improperly installed windshield will not withstand the deployment of an airbag, and can cause passengers bodily harm. A windshield that is installed correctly will withstand the airbag, and protect passengers from being thrown out of the vehicle.

Because windshield installation is a complex process with safety hazards, Crystal Glass technicians are trained to operate a safety first work space. They are also trained on site and provided online training at our Crystal Glass College.

At Crystal Glass, our technicians are trained to follow an installation method that allows them to work fast but work smart. This allows us to provide accurate turnaround times to our customers, also. Below are the steps involved in windshield installation.

After a technician removes the old windshield glass and preps the vehicle, they can begin the installation process.  Our technicians always make 100% sure that the type of glass needed for the vehicle is in stock before the installation begins. That way a customer is never delayed or inconvenienced.

Windshield Installation Steps

  • Glass inspection – The windshield glass panel is inspected by a technician for any flaws. 
  • Hardware inspection – An inspection is done to verify all the hardware on the windshield is correct.
  • Prep Urethane – Urethane often needs to be softened before application. The technician will knead the urethane for a few seconds before loading it.
  • Caulking Gun Prepared –  The urethane tube is opened and loaded into the caulking gun.
  • Pinch Weld Application – The urethane adhesive is applied in a triangle “v” shape dispense the urethane bead with a continuous motion. The urethane will spread as it cures. As the technician applies the urethane, they are checking to make sure there are no gaps on the pinch weld. The connection point at the beginning and end is also filled in. Gaps can also be filled with tool joints.
  • Glass Fitting – Crystal Glass technicians work in pairs. At this point, two technicians will lift and place the glass into the body opening. The glass is adjusted until it is aligned perfectly. The technicians use their palms to lightly press the glass into place.
  • Retention Tape Application – To set the glass while the adhesive cures, retention tape is applied to hold the glass in place.
  • Replace Windshield Items –  At this point, a technician replaces the wiper blades cowl and molding on the vehicle.
  • Routine Check – The technician tests the rain sensors and makes sure the wipers are aligned and the washer nozzle isn’t pinched or obstructed.
  • Clean Up -  Any excess uncured urethane is removed and the windows are cleaned. At Crystal Glass, we finish off the installation with Crystal Clear, a water repellent. A customer card and Crystal Clear renewal sticker are added to the vehicle as well.
  • Data tracking – Every technician tracks all lot numbers for urethane, primers, DOT and glass products used. This process ensures if there is ever an issue with our products we can contact the manufacturer.
  • Curing Time – The window installation is now complete and the technician will track the curing time. We never release a vehicle to a customer until the window is completely cured.

Windshield installation is a process that involves the use of chemicals and physical handling of large glass products. It also requires a specialized skill set and expertise in applying urethanes and understanding the structure of different types of vehicles.

At Crystal Glass, our knowledgeable technicians are trained to follow proper procedures when installing glass products to guarantee that your windshield will stand the test of time and withstand the elements. A windshield that is installed correctly protects passengers from being thrown from a vehicle.

When you make a decision to replace your windshield, it’s important to choose a company that is committed to standards of excellence. Crystal Glass uses superior quality adhesives and glass products to make sure your vehicle’s windshield is not only durable but a perfect fit.

Hopefully, you’ll never need to go through a windshield installation and you can visit us for other services. But in the instance your windshield needs to be replaced, you can count on Crystal Glass and our technicians to make sure the replacement is done safely and correctly.

Have you had your windshield installed at Crystal Glass? How was your experience? Do you have questions or comments about installation? Share your questions and comments below!