Glass is the perfect addition to a beautiful home.

Did you know that when we’re not fixing windshields, Crystal Glass also specializes in custom glass work for your home?

Crystal Glass can produce timeless and elegant pieces for your home or patio. There are so many types of glass that it makes for a versatile and classic accent to any setting. Something as simple as adding French doors to a room can completely change the look, adding light and charm to the space.

It’s no surprise that glass has been used throughout the ages because of its beauty and functionality. In the Middle Ages, stained glass was used in churches to add color and tell stories through pictures. At the palace of Versailles in France a single wall in the hall of mirrors contains over 357 glass mirrors, and on the opposite wall, 17 glass doors!

Fast forward to the 1970s, where mirrored ceilings were at the height of home décor. In the disco clubs, glass disco balls flickered on the dance floor. Right up to the contemporary home décor of today, glass never goes out of style and comes in a massive variety of textures, shapes and colors. If you like home decorating, there’s never been more glass products to choose from.

You may not have a palace or need a disco ball, but if your house is feeling drab, these design tips are great way to add some shine to your personal space.

There are endless possibilities for using glass products to decorate and beautify your home. Basic changes to functional pieces such as custom doors or glass table tops are a great way to not only add variety to the home, but increase your home’s value as well. Additions to patios such as glass blocks, or adding windows to bring more light to a dark house make a house more valuable.

Glass décor is versatile. so you can add small touches or large changes. Our technicians can help work within your price range to help you design your dream home. It’s really up to you, your budget and your imagination. Whatever you choose, whether it’s a simple backsplash or floor to ceiling glass windows, we can help you from start to finish design and install beautiful glass ornamentation for your home.

Below are some of the custom glass designs that Crystal Glass can create for your home.

Glass inserts – Glass inserts can be installed in doors, windows or cupboard covers. These clear or colored inserts are great for cupboards that hold heirlooms, antiques or even plates and cups. Glass inserts in cabinet covers add a rustic look to any kitchen.

Table and countertops – We can design and custom cut a glass table top or counter top as an accent piece for your home. Glass table tops reflect light and bring a modern touch to any home. We can also replace and repair broken table and countertops as well.

Glass shower stalls – For a slick, streamlined bathroom, ditch your old dingy bathtub and go for an easy to maintain glass shower stall.

Custom mirrors – Mirrors have many uses. A full length mirror is an elegant and helpful piece for a master bedroom. Decorative mirrors are great for adding accents along staircases or hallways.

Shelving – Glass shelves are an attractive and modern addition to any home office or study. They’re also a great way to display art objects and knick knacks.

French doors and patio doors – Update an entranceway with elegant French doors. Or design patio doors to open out onto a garden.

Stained glass – We can install beautiful stained glass panes as inserts into doors, windows or other areas. This is a great way to use a piece of artwork for functional home décor.

Backsplash – Glass panels are easy to maintain and clean, and are a beautiful addition to any kitchen.

Glass blocks – A popular trend in home design are glass block inserts. This is an innovative design addition that adds light to an ordinary space.

Since this is just a sampling of what we offer, don’t hesitate to contact us if you have ideas or questions about what we can build for you. We’re always here to discuss your design plans.

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We can even visit your home and make recommendations for custom work for functional or decorative pieces. Not sure where to start? Check out sites like Pinterest for design ideas. If you can dream it, we can design it!

Let us make your design dreams a reality today.

How do you use glass pieces to decorate your home? What tips do you have for using glass design in the home? Do you have a design idea that we can help you with? We value your ideas and want to hear from you! Share your design tips below.