Your Car In The Winter


Cold weather can be a big pain for many reasons

The cold can cause damage to your personal property. When you are dealing with your vehicel during the cold seasons, you need to be especially considerate of this. The cold weather can affect many aspects of your car, especially your windshield. The cold weather is usually not the reason why your windshield will get cracks or chips, but it can cause those cracks or chips to get worse over time.

Taking care of your windshield in the winter

In the morning when you are rushed to get somewhere and there is ice all over your window, you may be tempted to use quick solutions to get off all of that ice and snow.

You need to be careful when removing this ice and frost though, as it can damage your windshield or aggravate existing chips and cracks. Below are some tips to prevent this damage:


  • You should not pour hot water on their windshield to defrost the ice, as this can cause real problems. This causes the glass to expand and retract which may cause existing cracks to expand.


  • When using ice scrapers to get the ice off your windshield, be careful not to scrape to hard and put chips in their windshield. These small chips can turn into bigger cracks and make it so that you have to replace your whole windshield. You need to be careful when it comes to ice removal on your windshield.


  • The best way to go about this is to let your car heat up and have the defrosters on. This will slowly thaw the ice so that it is easier to remove the ice at the proper time.


Once you have learned how the cold affects your car’s windshield, you will be able to avoid damaging your car’s windshield in the future. This will give you the ability to work around the hard winter seasons without messing up your windshield and prevent those nasty cracks or chips.

Your safety is important, so make sure that you always clean off all the ice and snow from your windshield. You don’t want to your windshield to be the reason for hindered vision when driving, especially when you need it most during snowy conditions.


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