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All About Windshield Installation

Did you know?

One of our most popular and common procedures at Crystal Glass is windshield installation. Although in many instances, customers can opt for windshield repairs if the damage is minimal, there are situations where the windshield is in such poor condition it needs to be replaced entirely. This is where one of our technicians will recommend windshield replacement.

Windshield installation is a time intensive and multi step process. Technicians are required to work with chemicals such as urethane primers and adhesives. They also must lift and handle large panels of glass.

Our technicians take great care in making sure windshield installations are done correctly. An improperly installed windshield will not withstand the deployment of an airbag, and can cause passengers bodily harm. A windshield that is installed correctly will withstand the airbag, and protect passengers from being thrown out of the vehicle.

Because windshield installation is a complex process with safety hazards, Crystal Glass technicians are trained to operate a safety first work space. They are also trained on site and provided online training at our Crystal Glass College.

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Repair Or Replace Tips For Fixing A Broken Windshield

Windshield Tips

There’s that sound! You’re driving blissfully down the road when it happens – the sudden, loud smack of an object hitting your windshield.

A crack in a windshield is one of the most common issues that happens to vehicle owners. Windshields are designed to withstand damage from projectiles, but even so, cracks and chips can happen. Depending on where you live, this can be even more common. Rural areas with gravel and dirt roads can cause more damage. Areas of the country with heavy hail storms also see more damage to windshields.

So, you survey that crack on the windshield and have to decide. Do you fix the crack, or replace the windshield? Most cracks are small and visibility is not impaired when driving. Cracks however, can spread and become a potential hazard. For many people, the headache of car repairs is enough to just ignore the problem completely. But that’s the worst thing to do. Chances are the windshield can benefit from a simple repair, but if the windshield does need to be replaced, better to be proactive than risk your safety.

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Help Your Windshield Last Through Cold Canadian Winters

Your Car In The Winter


Cold weather can be a big pain for many reasons

The cold can cause damage to your personal property. When you are dealing with your vehicel during the cold seasons, you need to be especially considerate of this. The cold weather can affect many aspects of your car, especially your windshield. The cold weather is usually not the reason why your windshield will get cracks or chips, but it can cause those cracks or chips to get worse over time.

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