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For over 60 years Crystal Glass has specialized in repairing and replacing auto glass, windshields, residential and commercial glass. Our full line of services is backed by six decades of delivering quality workmanship and value to our customers.



Crystal Glass offers all kinds of window glass services for your home, business and vehicle. With our 24-hour emergency glass repair services, Crystal Glass Guarantee and over 65 years of experience, you can trust that your glass is in good hands.

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Automotive Glass Guarantee

Crystal Glass guarantees the seal on your auto glass installation for as long as you own the vehicle, with the exception of leaking due to body deterioration. Furthermore, Crystal Glass will warranty the windshield against pressure cracks (breakage for no apparent reason) and distortion for a period of 30 days. There is no warranty on tempered parts. Crystal Glass guarantees all windshield repairs for as long as you own the vehicle. If the windshield cracks from the repaired area, Crystal Glass will deduct the original cost of rock chip repair from the new windshield replacement cost. In the event a new windshield replacement is necessary, the insured must pay the deductible portion of their insurance.

Crystal Glass guarantees the seal on your auto glass installation for as long as you own the vehicle

Guarantee does not apply where normal maintenance is required, repairs have been made or attempted by others and if parts have been abused, misused or improperly maintained.




CAN-AM GLASS PRODUCTS warrants, subject to the following provisions that if, under normal conditions and usage, material obstruction of vision caused by film formation or dust collection between the interior glass surfaces as a result of seal failure of a “CAN-AM” sealed insulating glass unit (the “Unit”), occurs within 5 years of the date of manufacture of the Unit, CAN-AM Glass Products will, at its option, either refund the purchase price for the Unit or supply a replacement Unit at its plant at 9830-32 Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta. The Unit must be stored, handled and installed according to current INSULATING GLASS MANUFACTURERS ALLIANCE of CANADA (“IGMAC”) Glazing Recommendations for Sealed Insulating Glass Units (the “IGMAC Recommendations”).

This warranty does not cover or apply to glass breakage.

This warranty is void:

  1. if the Unit is damaged by improper shipping, storage, handling or installation;

  2. if the Unit is not stored, handled or installed in accordance with the IGMAC Recommendations;

  3. if the Unit is installed with glazing sealants or materials that are not compatible with the Unit sealant;

  4. if the Unit is removed temporarily or permanently from the place of original installation

  5. if the Unit is used for other than conventional glazing in vision, in the exterior shell or interior walls of a building. CAN-AM Glass Products assumes no responsibility for use of the unit in ships, vehicles, commercial refrigeration and in high humidity areas

  6. if the Unit is installed at a slope of more than 15 degrees off vertical;

  7. if pressure is applied to the Unit by movement of the building, or if adequate provision has not been made to allow for proper expansion and contraction of the Unit frame;

  8. if the Unit is subjected to stress resulting from localized application of heat or cold that causes excessive temperature differential over the Unit’s glass surface or edges;

  9. if an insulating thermal shade, curtain panel screen or similar device is installed on the room side of the Unit unless the room side lite of the Unit is tempered glass;

  10. if a liquid set film, plastic film, sign or similar device is applied to the Unit unless such is applied during the manufacture of the Unit.

  11. if the Unit is manufactured with a Pattern glass other than on the # 1 surface.

  12. if the Unit is manufactured with wire glass, with any plastic or acrylic products; and

  13. if the Unit is not paid for according to the terms of sale.

    CAN-AM Glass Products maximum liability under this warranty is limited to providing a replacement of the Unit or a refund of the purchase price of the Unit. CAN-AM Glass Products shall not be liable for personal injury, loss, claims, property damage, or labour, material or the costs (whether special or consequential or otherwise) however caused or arising and whether direct or indirect. CAN-AM Glass Products makes no other guarantees or warranty, expressed or implied in respect of the Unit.

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