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For over 60 years Crystal Glass has specialized in repairing and replacing auto glass, windshields, residential and commercial glass. Our full line of services is backed by six decades of delivering quality workmanship and value to our customers.

Lane Departure Calibration


Crystal Glass offers all kinds of window glass services for your home, business and vehicle. With our 24-hour emergency glass repair services, Crystal Glass Guarantee and over 65 years of experience, you can trust that your glass is in good hands.

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Advanced Driver Assistance System Recalibration
At Crystal Glass, we are committed to ensuring your safety and comfort while driving. With over 65 years of experience, Crystal Glass offers Advanced Driver Assistant Systems (ADAS) recalibration solutions.

Advanced Driver Assistance System Recalibration: Why Your Vehicle Requires It







The latest vehicles are fitted with ADAS systems to increase vehicle and driver safety. The main functions of ADAS include lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control, autonomous emergency braking, adaptive head lights, adaptive light control, automatic parking, automatic braking systems, automotive night vision, traffic sign recognition, lane change assistance, blind spot monitoring, rear view cameras, turning assistant, forward collision warnings, driver drowsiness detection and more.

When your vehicle’s windshield is replaced, some of the cameras and sensors of ADAS may become misaligned. Therefore, your vehicle’s ADAS must be recalibrated to function accurately.



If your vehicle has any of the following features, it may need to be recalibrated:



  • Lane Departure Warning

    This feature detects the lane lines and then warns the driver if the vehicle begins to move out of its lane.


  • Lane Keep Assist

    This feature functions like Lane Departure Warning but will reactively steer the vehicle back into the lane if it notices the vehicle leaving. Some systems will proactively try to keep the vehicle in the center of the lane; this feature is known as Lane Centering Assist.


  • Forward Collision Alert/Forward Collision Warning

    This feature determines the speed of the vehicle and the distance to a moving or stationary object in front. If the system determines that a collision is imminent if the vehicle does not slow down, it will warn the driver.


  • Active Brake Assist

    This feature is a type of Autonomous Emergency Braking system. It functions like the Forward Collision Alert but will also automatically engage the breaks if needed.


  • High Beam Assist/High Beam Sensor

    This feature detects the light of oncoming vehicles and will automatically switch from high beam to low beam while passing vehicles going in the opposite direction or while closing in on vehicles going in the same direction.


  • Auto Headlamp Control

    This feature automatically adjusts the strength and direction of the light depending on vehicle speed and driving conditions.


  • Traffic Sign Recognition

    This feature allows your vehicle to recognize traffic signs, such as signs for speed limits, or stop signs. This helps the driver be aware of information that may otherwise have been missed.




Why Choose Crystal Glass



Failure to recalibrate your vehicle poses a safety risk to you and your passengers. For fast, accurate and hassle-free ADAS recalibration after windshield replacement, you can count on us.

We are equipped with the knowledge, expertise and equipment necessary to recalibrate ADAS on most vehicles.


Using Pilkington Opti-Aim tools, our certified, trained professionals can perform the job correctly. If we cannot recalibrate your vehicle, we will assist you in making arrangements with a nearby dealership.

As a leading auto windshield and glass repair and replacement company, we have more than 65 years of auto glass experience. Our quality service and skilled technicians ensures that your vehicle’s features will operate at the original factory specifications.



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